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Massage & Bodywork Collective (MBC) is a Health and Wellness Center committed to reconnecting people with their bodies and facilitating the oft-forgotten pleasure of living life pain free.

At MBC, we adhere to a “Wellness Model,” aka an ongoing process of self-activated participation in the welfare of one’s own being. We feature a team of dedicated trained to help relieve chronic pain, deal with post-surgical and post-injury issues, and address sports-specific needs.

MBC is a growing local business that supports its surrounding community. We believe in a genuine smile and a warm heart. And we treat each and every client as a unique human being.


Jessica grew up in Liberty, MO and has had an affinity for helping people and animals, “since forever.” After graduating with a degree in Psychology from University of Missouri Kansas City, she dabbled in nursing school, became a CNA and was a nanny of two.

Acting unexpectedly on a nearly lifelong passion, she attended Wellspring School of Allied Health and right out of school created @Peace Holistic Health & Wellness. This concept inhabited many temporary spaces: a yoga studio, an alternative wellness clinic, and the back of a car traveling to clients!
After nearly a year on the road and working in some mainstream spa spots, the freedom of owning her own business was calling again. Welcome Massage and Bodywork Collective!!!
Jessica is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Reiki practitioner. She has taken courses in Equine Myofascial Release (yes, horses), and will be attending Trager 1 in April 2016. Healer, mother, saver of disabled cats, she is known to play a mean Viola.
Come see Jessica inside Fit By Burn, a small group personal training studio in Liberty, Mo!
Stay up to date with the latest specials and information on our facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/massagebodyworkcollective to email Jessica directly with any questions or concerns, please write Jessica@massagebodyworkcollective.com.
Thanks for stopping by – Be @ Peace.


Massage Therapists must be familiar with the factors that lead to soft tissue dysfunction. They must grasp the effect of the mind and emotions on the sympathetic nervous system. They must understand the drivers that lead to muscular tension and pain.

A person who practices MT (specifically, our Integrated Deep Tissue Therapy) is primarily an educator. The therapist teaches the client to experience relaxation, balance, and vitality, in the hopes that he or she makes the lifestyle adjustments necessary to sustain this higher state.

At Massage & Bodywork Collective, we believe that therapists who are well treated and understood will treat their clients with a similar compassion and care. If this sounds like you, perhaps you are one of us?

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